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Pacifier for 6 to 12 Months

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  • These amazingly soft pacifiers from Natursutten are made by hand from natural rubber. Natursutten means sucking naturally and that is exactly what these soothers bring. The pacifier is designed to mimic breastfeeding.

    Natursutten's pacifiers are very soft because they are made from the first juice of the rubber tree. This gives the pacifiers a light colour and makes them softer than many other pacifiers made of natural rubber or silicone.

    These pacifiers are very hygienic because they are molded in one piece without joints. This prevents dirt and bacteria from staying behind in cracks or crevices.

    The pacifier for babies from 6 to 12 months is available in four different types:

    1. Round - Round
    2. Round - Anatomical
    3. Butterfly - Round
    4. Butterfly - Anatomical

    Round or butterfly refer to the shape of the shield. The round shield gently touches the baby's nose and simulates breastfeeding. The butterfly shield has a small recess under the baby's nose.

    Both shield shapes are available with an anatomical/orthodontic or round shaped nipple. The choice depends on the baby's preference and is difficult to determine before use. Some babies accept what you give them and some are more picky. In that case you can try both shapes to find the best match for your baby.