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Bamboo Toothbrush Case

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  • This stylish bamboo toothbrush case is made from sustainable bamboo and is the perfect travel buddy to keep your bamboo toothbrush safe and clean while traveling or at home.

    With every purchase, TBBS donates a percentage to the Plastic Soup Foundation, which aims to put an end to the increasing amount of plastic polluting the ocean by tackling the issue at its sources.

    Fun Fact
    Did you know that bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world There are more than 1500 species of bamboo. TBBS toothbrushes are made from Moso bamboo, a type that does not get eaten by pandas.

    TBBS believes that bamboo offers many more possibilities with its versatility and is therefore constantly looking for new applications to replace traditional materials.

    Read more about the benefits of using bamboo in TBBS's blog Why Bamboo?