Nature Bar

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About the brand

Nature Bar

Marlies van Heusden founded Nature Bar. She’s an imperfect zero-waster, minimalist and composter. Nature Bar's natural and circular soap is made by hand in small batches in Amsterdam. Every Nature Bar is unique, just like you. Nature Bar wants to inspire people to take better care of themselves and nature.

Nature Bar is working towards a circular economy, together with other local entrepreneurs. Each soap contains a circular core ingredient, or, as Nature Bar likes to call it, a magic ingredient. Think of ground coffee from a local coffee roaster and orange peels from a local supermarket. Ingredients that can still be incredibly valuable for your skin, but would otherwise be thrown away.

Nature Bar’s soap is made with a carefully selected blend of rich organic oils such as shea butter and coconut oil. The soap contains plant-based ingredients that are good for people and the environment. Every soap contains a healthy dose of calendula oil, best known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Nature Bar has also put a lot of thought and love into its plastic-free and compostable packaging.

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