Reusable Nursing Pads - Stay Dry

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  • These reusable nursing inserts from ImseVimse will not let a mother down. They keep your breasts dry and warm, they absorb leaking milk and prevent your clothes from milk stains.

    The breast pads consist of a breathable waterproof outer layer, an absorbent middle layer of organic cotton terry and soft fleece closest to your skin to keep you dry.

    The nursing pads contain a layer of certified PUL (polyurethane laminate polyester) which makes them leak-proof. You’re probably thinking: polyester, isn’t that plastic? That's right, but the amount of plastic that is used is very small compared to single-use nursing pads and is also reused over and over again. PUL ensures that the inserts are leak-free. If you prefer breast pads that do not contain PUL, choose these plastic free breast pads from ImseVimse.

    How to use
    Place the nursing pad over the nipple and change as soon as it gets damp.

About the brand


ImseVimse's story started 30 years ago when founder Marie Walleberg, in a desperate search for a cure for her daughter's diaper rash, found the soothing magic of cloth diapering. And just like that, her daughter's painful rash disappeared. When Marie realized that organic cotton cloth diapers were the solution to her childs diaper exzema, she decided to let more people share the insight.

Imse believes that many people choose disposable menstrual protection without thinking that there are alternatives. Or that those alternatives have economic as well as health and environmental benefits. Imse would like to change that. Therefore Imse develops products that are both environmentally friendly and beautiful to look at.

ImseVimse's vision is to be part of making sustainable consumption the norm, not the exception. Their contribution to that is reusable hygiene products in organic cotton.

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