About the brand: The Natural Barber Co.

The Natural Barber Co. was founded by Joe Mallory-Skinner, who in his early 20's was living out his rock and roll dreams on tour and played in front of thousands of people. During these shows his eyes regularly started burning out of control and as turns out that because he would sweat, his hair wax would melt and get into his eyes and make them sting. A common problem you might have when playing sports.

Joe was fed up with trying loads of different, complicated hair styling products and decided to make his own product. He created many prototypes in his kitchen and tried them out with local barbers and friends. After a year and a half, Joe launched The Natural Barber Co. and solved his problem of stinging eyes.

The Natural Barber Co. products are sustainably made in the UK, contain all natural ingredients and are not tested on animals.

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