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Tea - No 1. Ginger-Lemon

  • This ginger-lemon herbal blend from 9teas has a refreshing taste of lemongrass combined with the spicy taste of ginger and a hint of mint. This herbal blend does not contain caffeine and is therefore perfect to drink in the evening.

    The tea is a loose leaf tea. Because of the loose tea leaves, your cup of tea has more flavour and at the same time you produce less waste.

    Tea Plantations
    The quality of the working conditions on the tea plantations is just as important to 9teas as the quality of the tea. Fair wages, a safe working place, normal working hours and a ban on child labour are unfortunately not always enforced in the tea industry. That is why 9teas buys its teas through a cooperative that monitors the working conditions on site so that they can assure fair working conditions for the employees. The cooperative is Fairtrade, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified, but does not by definition exclude farmers without, for example, a Fairtrade certificate. The reason for this is that only a small percentage of the farmers is able to afford the costs for such a certificate while they do grow their tea sustainably.

    The packaging is completely recyclable and plastic-free! The tea comes in a glass jar with an aluminium lid, both materials are recyclable. In addition, the labels consist of natural materials that are extracted from renewable sources as much as possible. The labels are fully industrial compostable and can therefore be put in the glass container together with the jar! Even more fun than recycling the jars is to give them a second life by reusing them as food cans or for a candle or a plant.

    How to use
    1. Water temperature: 100°C
    2. Steeping time: 5-8 minutes
    3. Quantity: 1 teaspoon

    Plastic Soup Foundation
    9teas donates 5% of its net profit to the Plastic Soup Foundation.

Over het merk


Because of her addiction to tea, Tessa founded 9teas. Tessa believes that loose leaf tea does not only taste best, it is also better for our planet. She has always been bothered by the amount of waste produced for a cup of tea. Much of that waste and plastic ends up in the natural environment! She started 9teas thinking: 'things can and must be improved'.

9teas only sells loose leaf tea and you can taste the difference. Fortunately, loose leaf tea is becoming increasingly popular, however many people still opt for the convenience of a prepackaged (plastic) tea bag and that's a shame. Because in addition to the fact that a tea bag contributes to the waste problem and often consists of billions of microplastics, a lot of flavour is lost when tea leaves are grounded into the fine powder that is in a tea bag. Did you know that some tea bags not only contain plastic but are also bleached? 9teas changes this: more tea, less waste!

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