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Savon d'Alep - Olive & Laurel

  • You can recognize Aleppo soap by the dark, hard exterior with a soft, green heart. The soap has to dry and mature in open air for nine months, giving the soap its characteristic brown color on the outside, while the heart on the inside remains soft and green. Savon d’Alep is made exclusively from olive- and laurel berry oil and contains essential fatty acids, antioxidants and is rich in vitamin E. The soap is suitable for both body and face.

    Aleppo soap is completely biodegradable, is free from artificial additives, fragrances and dyes. This gentle soap does not cause any irritations and leaves your skin feeling soft.

    It is suitable for all skin types, including the dry and sensitive skin. This particular characteristic of the Aleppo soap is thanks to the amount of laurel oil. Laurel leaf oil is bactericidal, fungicidal and antiviral. That is why Aleppo soap has a beneficial effect on acne, mycosis, psoriasis and other skin problems. It also contains olive oil which is healthy and good for your skin and hair.

    The soap is suitable for adults, but also for children and babies. Aleppo soap is often prescribed by doctors and health clinics.

    Aleppo Soap Co. guarantees that this alep soap actually comes from Aleppo.

    Comsos Natural Certification
    COSMOS is a European standard for natural cosmetics. The COSMOS Natural products meet these conditions:

    1. They are biodegradable and completely safe and respectful of the environment
    2. There is a strict ban on the processing of harmful substances
    3. Animal welfare is important and no animal testing is done
    4. There are strict requirements in terms of packaging and materials and degradability
    5. COSMOS certification is performed by independent organizations.

About the brand

Aleppo Soap Co.

The Aleppo Soap Co. is a brand of Tadé Pays du Levant. Tadé is the main importer of soap from Aleppo in France and has been rooted in Syria for over twenty years - since 1994. Tadé has been working with the same master soap maker from Aleppo soap all along and has a real heart for the locals. The owner of Tadé is a Frenchman who worked as a geologist in Syria and fell in love with the soap and the country.

Tadé guarantees the origin of all Aleppo Soap Co. soaps. Each soap has the authentic "made in Syria" certification. Despite the extremely difficult political situation, Tadé continues to import the soaps from Syria. After a shutdown in 2012, production restarted in 2014. Soap making is a seasonal, rural, almost agricultural activity that survives the terrible conflicts in Syria and helps many Syrians to be able to live with hope and dignity through their work.

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