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  • This mineral-packed sunscreen formula from Amazinc! provides protection from the sun wherever you go, at the beach and up in the mountains. Zinc oxide reflects harmful sun-rays whilst a blend of olive and almond oils keeps your skin hydrated! The mineral sunscreen is liquid making it easy to apply all over your body.

    The Amazinc! sunscreen is clear, which means it does not leave behind a white shade after application to the skin like other natural sunscreens. Amazinc! successfully implemented new technology in a field of mineral UV protection "Viewless ZinCare", the best choice for balansing broad-band UV protection and transparency in sunscreen. It goes without saying that it is non-nano and uncoated.

    Amazinc’s products are plastic-free and made from natural ingredients. Most conventional sunscreens contain chemical substances like Oxybenzone that are harmful to marine life, corals and wildlife in general. Even in very low concentration, these chemicals disrupt the coral’s reproductions and growth cycle, ultimately leading to coral bleaching. Non-coated NANO particles of zinc oxide or titanium oxide aren’t any better. Amazinc!’s chose to not to be part of this problem by making its products free from chemicals, allowing you to be care free when you jump into the sea.

    Beat the Microbead - Microplastics
    Amazinc's mineral sunscreen has the'Look for the Zero - Zero Plastic Inside' logo from Beat the Microbead.

    There is a plastic liner inside the recyclable aluminium lid which makes the bottle leak proof and air tight. This also helps to preserve the product longer. We recommend reusing the bottles as much as you can and if you do throw them away, recycle the plastic liner separately.

About the brand


Amazinc! started at some point in the year 2015 as a vision of completely natural sunblock that is not only functional, but as well gentle on the skin and the environment. Amazinc! is founded by a bunch of surfers and snowboarders who love to spend time in the nature – whether it is in the ocean or up in the mountains. They want to protect what they enjoy! It is their goal to create a range of products that are only natural - nothing more and nothing less. Products that we can produce and consume for years and years without damaging the environment and our planet.

All Amazinc! products are plastic free and made of natural ingredients. Most commercial sun screens use substances like Oxybenzone that are dangerous for marine life, corals and wild life in general. The chemicals (even in very low concentration) create reef bleaching which causes the death of the coral. Non coated NANO particles of zinc oxide or titanium oxide aren’t any better. The Amazinc! products do not contain these chemicals which makes them safe to use in the oceans!

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