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Bambaw Safety Razor All Colours
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Metal Safety Razor

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The Bambaw classic safety razor is a great alternative to plastic razors that need to be replaced regularly. Billions of plastic razors and cartridges are thrown away every year. They cannot be recycled, as the metal is embedded in plastic. So, all this plastic is burned or ends up in nature. Safety razors require only the easily recyclable single blade to be replaced.

Metal safety razors were widely used before the mass production of disposable razors began. We have forgotten about the traditional safety razor but still today, a double edge razor is the best alternative to cartridge razors, for men and women alike. It gives a close shave and has a stylish vintage look!

A useless marketing battle has led cartridge razors to embed 5 blades. That many blades irritate the skin and favours ingrown hair. All you need is one razor sharp blade to achieve that perfect shave.

Safety razors use one single blade made from stainless steel, which is easily recyclable. How often the blades need to be replaced depends on shave frequency and hair type, this can vary from a few weeks to months. Double edge razor blades are economical and can be bought in most supermarkets or online. We recommend that you use the Bambaw razor blades for the Bambaw safety razors.

This razor is made exclusively from high-quality metal, which does not rust. It has stainless-steel parts and a head made of a zinc-alloy to give it the perfect weight balance. The rifles on the handles provide a tight grip, making it ideal for shaving the face and the body.

The safety razor is also available with holder.

How does a Safety Razor work?
If you would like to learn more about how a safety razor works, read the Bambaw digital manual included with the safety razor.

  • Made of high quality metal (zinc-alloy)
  • Closed comb
  • Dimensions: 97 x 4.3 cm (the handle has a diameter of 0.8 cm)
  • Weight: 93.4 grams
  • Store the razor in a dry place, as moisture causes the blades to go dull faster
  • Includes 1 blade and a digital user manual
  • Produced in China

<p><span data-mce-fragment="1">In 2015, twin brothers Max and Augustin were shocked by the scope of

plastic pollution. They asked themselves, how to live their lives and create as

little waste as possible, while empowering others to do the same. Their

conclusion was simple: Offering alternatives to wasteful single-use products to

tackle pollution at its source.</span></p>

<p><span data-mce-fragment="1">Bambaw is determined to have a carbon neutral supply chain. To achieve this, they calculate the total environmental impact of their

supply chain. Together with the Carbon Trust, they map down the journey of

every product from production till the arrival at the customer. The shipping

method, the travelled kilometres and weight are monitored to give an accurate

picture of the emissions. Bambaw has chosen to offset their impact on the climate by

supporting an environmental project in Malawi.</span></p>

<p>Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world where most of the population uses biomass (wood, charcoal, manure or crop residues) for their cooking. Unfortunately, burning these

resources has a noticeable impact on the environment and releases greenhouse

gases in the atmosphere. Bambaw supports a climate project that <span

data-mce-fragment="1"> introduces highly efficient ceramic

cookstoves to the people. The ceramic stoves help the population reduce the

consumption of biomass to half of the current consumption.</span></p>

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