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DIY Bee Hotel

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The BLOOM Your Message bee hotel has been developed in collaboration with the dutch Bee Foundation (de Nederlandse Bijenstichting). This DIY kit is made entirely from sustainable and recycled materials. The cardboard paper is made from agricultural waste. Due to its natural coating, it is suitable for outdoor use.

With this beehouse you’ll give bees and other insects a nice place to nest. They are of great importance for the pollination of wild plants and our food crops

Other insects will also be happy to stay at your house. Can fill the top floor with the supplied pine cones or go out into nature to collect twigs, clay, plant remains or reeds. Insects will love that!

The bee hotels comes with clear instructions of how to assemble the hotel. It also includes several tips to make the hotel as pleasant as possible for the bee.

  • Made from cardboard paper with a natural coating.
  • Including pine cones.
  • Afmetingen: 22x10x10 cm
  • Produced in the Netherlands