Natural Stain Remover

  • The effective stain remover for laundry from Care by Nature was created based on their love for natural solutions to everyday problems. It is handmade in small batches in Denmark.

    With this stain remover, you no longer need to add harmful chemicals to your laundry if you want to remove stains. The stick only contains extracts from coconut oil and soap berries. Sometimes the simple solution is also the best!

    How to use
    • Wet the stain remover with water until it is slightly creamy and can be applied to the stain. Make sure the bar remains wet during use so that you apply an appropriate amount of the stick onto the stain. The wet stick will also make sure the fabric will not not wear out.
    • Leave the stain remover on for 20 minutes.
    • Soak the clothing / fabrics in a container of water for a few hours.
    • Wash the clothes at the recommended temperature.