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Solid Shampoo Bar - Matcha

  • The natural matcha shampoo bar from Chey Haircare is made with natural ingredients. The natural shampoo bar contains Matcha which strengthens the hair, decreases split ends, promotes hair growth and leaves your hair softer, shinier and thicker. Matcha helps nutrition and nourishes your hair, prevents breakage and strengthens hair follicles.

    The solid shampoo bar will give you more voluminous hair and gives a shiny result. Aloe Vera cleanses your and strips residues from your hair.

    The shampoo bar is suitable for all hair types: normal, oily, dry, coloured and thin hair.

    If you want to read more about the differences between shampoo bars and hair soap and the harmful ingredients in 'normal' shampoo, read our blog 'Help! My shampoo bar is not working'.

    How to use
    Wet your hair as usual. Either rub the bar between wet hands to create foam, or apply it directly to your hair. Massage into the scalp and hair and rinse thoroughly.

    Allow your bar to air dry after using it to make sure it lasts longer. Optionally keep the natural shampoo bar in the accompanying travel tin.

    The shampoo bars are available in an aluminium travel tin or as a refill in a cardboard box. There is a plastic liner inside the recyclable aluminium lid which makes the tin leak proof and air tight. This also helps to preserve the product longer. We recommend reusing the tins as much as you can and if you do throw them away, recycle the plastic liner separately.

About the brand

Chey Haircare

Chey Haircare is named after it's founder: Chey Ciani. She's always had a passion for finding the right products for her own locks. She became quite known for her voluminous coupe and people kept asking for her secrets.

She has searched for years to find products that won't damage your hair and are sustainable. This resulted in her very own brand. Completely free of parabens, sillicones and sulfates. Besides that, their volume powder is the first one in the world with completely non plastic packaging.

So Chey haircare isn’t just good for creating voluminous hair, it’s also supportive of our environment!

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