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Pure Love Chocolate Bar - Dark 65%

  • This 65% dark chocolate bar from Chocolatemakers is pure love that comes to you with a beautiful cocoa variety and rich and complex taste of cherry, apricot, and raisin. This flavour is already naturally present in the Criollo cocoa and is expressed through the light roasting in this chocolate, pure enjoyment! For Chocolatemakers, it’s all about the perfect taste thanks to a sustainable ‘bean to bar’ cocoa chain.

    The cocoa beans of this bar come from CooAgroNevada, a cooperative from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta nature reserve, Colombia. The cocoa plantations for our bars are located at the foot of the slopes of 'Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta' National Park, the highest mountain range in this part of Colombia. It is home to a unique biodiversity and is of great value to local communities such as the Arhuaco tribe. This is where the delicious criollo cocoa comes from.

    The cocoa trees at the edges of the park keep the landscape intact and regenerate it. A buffer zone is created around the protected national park. The sustainable cultivation techniques contribute to a better soil quality.

    All cocoa beans are bought directly from farmers' cooperatives. The cocoa comes from farmers who only work with sustainable raw materials on the plantations. Without chemicals and harmful pesticides.

    The cocoa beans for this bar travel purely on wind power (without CO2 emissions!) in 4 months with the sailing ship Tres Hombres from Colombia to Amsterdam.

    The dark chocolate contains a minimum of 64% cocoa solids.

    The chocolate bars are packed in grease-proof paper printed with bio-ink. The inner wrapper is paper with cellulose, to prolong the shelf life of the chocolate. Cellulose resembles plastic, but it is made from plant-based materials and can therefore go straight into the compost heap.

About the brand


Enver and Rodney started making chocolate and founded Chocolatemakers. They produce sustainable solar-powered and emission-free chocolate in their factory in the Amsterdam Cocoa Port. Considering that approximately 70% of the taste of chocolate comes from the bean, Chocolatemakers think it’s only logical to pay a fair and good price for their cacoa. Chocolatemakers pays twice the price of the Fairtrade standard so that farmers have enough money for a good livelihood.

The terroir, the climate and the way of harvesting, fermenting and drying all have a huge impact on the taste of the chocolate. For Cholatemakers, it’s all about the perfect taste thanks to their sustainable cocoa chain. The cocoa bean is the seed of the cocoa fruit and Chocolatemakers works directly with the farmers’ cooperatives in all their origins and are involved with their cocoa from the moment the bean is still hanging from the tree.

The cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic and Colombia travel solely on wind power (with no CO2 emissions!) for four months on the sailing ship Tres Hombres to Amsterdam. The beans are transformed into delicious chocolate bars in a solar powered factory. ​​Within Amsterdam Chocolatemakers transports the chocolate bars by electric carrier bicycles from Foodlogica. And twice a year the Schokofahrt takes place, when thousands of bars are transported to Germany, also by carrier bicycle!

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