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Food Hugger Lid on Bowl Small
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Food Hugger Lids Set of 4 Green Stacked
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Food Huggers Lids

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Food Huggers Lids are lids that fit bowls you already have! If you hate food waste then you will love these lids. Also perfect for those who don't like to do dishes. Normally you scoop leftover food from one container into another for storage, doubling the amount of dirty dishes. With the Food Huggers Lids this is a thing of the past.

The lids are made from tempered glass with a flexible edge made from soft silicone and are impact resistant. Through the glass top you can see what is in the containers when they are stored in the fridge and you can easily stack them on top of each other.

The FoodHuggers Lids are available in 4 sizes that overlap each other, so there is always a lid that fits your bowl:

  • XS - bowls from 9,5 to 12,5 cm
  • S - bowls from 11,25 to 14,5 cm
  • M - bowls from 13,75 to 16,8 cm
  • L - bowls from 16,25 to 19,4 cm

Food Huggers Lids nest compactly for space saving storage and organization.

One of the core values of Food Huggers is the prevention of food waste, because the huggers will keep your food fresh longer. And it's not just about throwing away food, preventing food waste also saves water, energy and the impact of carbon pollution needed for transportation. In addition, rotting food is one of the largest components of municipal landfills, a huge source of methane, one of the most powerful greenhouse gases on earth.

  • Made from soft food safe silicone
  • BPA and phthalate free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions: 9,5 to 12,5 cm (XS); 11,25 to 14,5 cm (S); 13,75 to 16,8 cm (M); 16,25 to 19,4 cm (L)
  • Packaging: recycled cardboard
  • Made in China