Mouthwash Tablets

  • Georganics mouthwash tablets are made from natural and non-toxic ingredients. The formula without fluoride, glycerine and SLS helps to restore a healthy pH balance in your mouth, maintain good oral health and freshen your breath. Mouthwash in the form of tablets is ideal for everyday use and convenient for traveling. Take just the right amount in a small jar or can and save space in your toiletry bag!

    Georganics uses natural flavours such as organic spearmint, peppermint, and orange oil, without the alcohol or other harmful substances found in many commercial alternatives.

    The mouthwash tablets are available in four different flavours: spearmint, English peppermint, charcoal, and orange.

    The orange flavour is ideal for children and those who are pregnant. The Organic Sweet Orange Oil is safe for use by young children and during pregnancy due to its soothing properties.

    The mouthwash tablets are also available in this refill packaging. The refill pack contains 720 mouthwash tablets with which you can fill the glass jar four times.

    How to use
    Dissolve 1 tablet in 20 ml of water, rinse for at least 30 seconds and spit out without rinsing with water.

About the brand


Georganics was born as a result of Alex trying many high fluoride products in a bid to rid his unexplainable cavities, only to find they didn’t work. A change to his diet was the next option. A couple of months in, Alex decided it wasn’t just his diet he needed to change, but also the products he was using; soaps, creams, deodorants... everything. He found natural alternatives for most things but struggled to find a good natural toothpaste. Not one to give up, Alex made his own, left his job in the city and launched Georganics.

Georganics only uses pure, natural and organic ingredients for all of their products. The ingredients are sourced as locally as possible. The packaging is specifically designed to produce no waste to avoid clogging up landfill sites. This way, you can take care of your oral hygiene safe and do well by the planet.

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