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Christmas Crackers - Soft Ecosnaps

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  • With these Ecosnaps you can reuse Keep This Crackers's Christmas Crackers every Christmas! The ecosnap is what causes the crackers to 'pop', but does not contain any explosive material. The ecosnap doesn't make a loud bang but causes a silent 'snap', making them pet-friendly.

    Christmas crackers are festive table decorations in which you can hide a small gift. Pulling the cracker apart together, gives one of you the chance to win the gift!

    Usually you can use Christmas Crackers just once before they generate a lot of waste. What makes these crackers special is that you can reuse them. You just need to replace the ecosnaps.

    How to use
    Watch the movie 'Reusable Eco Christmas Crackers by Keep This Cracker' (enclosed between the photos)!