Amber Glass Soap Dispenser with Stainless Steel Pump - Rectangle

Colour Pump: Bronze

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  • This amber glass rectangle glass bottle with stainless steel pump from Kuishi looks beautiful and is multifunctional. Refilling these reusable bottles will help you reduce the use of plastic in your home. The contrast between the amber glass and the stainless steel creates a beautiful aesthetic. Designed with a range of metal colours to suite different styles of interior décor. The bottle is perfect for DIY cleaning products, soaps, face wash, haircare and skincare products. The pump unscrews for easy refilling.

    The amber glass doesn’t just look stylish, it also protects the contents from UV radiation and sunlight. This ensures the contents stay good for longer periods of time. For this reason, this brown glass was widely used by pharmacists to store medicines.

    The bottles are made in the UK from 45% recycled materials. The main ingredients of the glass (sand, soda ash and limestone) are sourced locally.

    The inside of the pump is made from BPA-free plastic. Now you may be thinking: plastic? Though we are committed to selling plastic-free products, for some products we make a small exception. The durability of this apothecary bottle will ensure that you save a lot of plastic waste. We have not yet found a suitable alternative for the spray. You do? Let us know!

    Please note!
    If the liquid has a strong acid or alkali, or has a high salt content, the stainless steel may rust.

    Slightly damaged bottles
    Some bottles are discounted due to minor damages on the bottles. The damages are minimal and do not affect the functionality of the product.

About the brand


Kuishi is an open window, a walk on the beach, a space to unwind. Founded by Stephanie, and settled in the sunny coastal town of Falmouth in the United Kingdom.

From here, Kuishi shares its special selection of products with the world. These items are connected to the materials, colours and textures found in nature. Each one has found its way into our hearts and our homes for a reason – they make us feel closer to nature. Introduced with thought and consideration, it’s these small details that create a calming atmosphere throughout the home. Kuishi hopes you love them as much as they do.

Kuishi offers amber glass soap dispensers and spray bottles. Refill the bottles over and over again with soap, haircare or skincare products from your favourite zero-waste brand or get started as an accomplished DIY'er, reducing costs and plastic packaging waste.

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