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Organic Cotton Travel Towel

  • This quick drying travel towel from Langbrett is made from a mix of organic cotton and linen. The linen dries quickly, is dirt-repellent and light, while the organic cotton absorbs the water after a dip in the ocean. Conventional travel towels are made using microfibers. In contrast to a microfiber towel, this towel allows you to dry yourself when travelling without the use of plastic: pleasant on the skin, and good for the environment.

    The quick-drying towel is compact and comes in a cotton mesh bag for easy transport. In addition, the lightweight towel has a handy cotton drawstring to hang up the bag.

About the brand


Langbrett is a group of surfers and nature lovers who produce sustainable products – without compromises and under fair conditions. They spend their time on the surfboard, in a camping bus, tent or under the open sky. They need waves, forests and wilderness to survive. They like the simplicity of being outside and they want to protect nature, where they spend the best time of the year.

They produce clothes and shoes from raw materials that are cultivated and processed in a sustainable way. A resource-conserving production, fair salaries and a friendly working environment are important for Langbrett. They refrain from using additives that are harmful to the environment, use offcuts and production residues and think that animal welfare is the most important good. Langbrett products are designed in such a way that they can be returned to the cycle.

Langbrett opened its first shop with the vision of producing things that align with their convictions: shoes produced in a closed loop, sweaters made of organic cotton, t-shirts without chemical additives, and handmade longboards made of wood from regional forests. In short: design that stays up to date, clothes that can be worn for many years, and products that do not harm other people or the environment.

Langbrett's solution for our consumer society is: buy less, but better.

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