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  • These four lip and cheek balms from LO Care are natural multitaskers: lip balm and highlighter in one. The balm hydrates and highlights at the same time, for a dewy and natural look that looks like it’s coming from within. LO lights look gorgeous and glossy without being too intense or glittery. Use the balm on its own or on top of your lip tint. The balm contains a hint of colour and is buildable for a more intense look. The colour slowly fades from your lips and doesn’t leave ugly lines.

    The highlight is available in four different tints:

    A warm off-white with a slightly yellow golden sheen.

    Pink and dewy.

    Fine gold with a subtle shimmer.

    A rose peach with a golden shimmer.

    Natural makeup generally requires a few touch-ups during the day, since the ingredients come from oils and waxes that safely absorb into your skin as opposed to having chemicals that permit long wear.

    Apply to your lips, cheeks, eyes, or any other place you'd like to add some colour. The balm repairs, nourishes, hydrates, moisturizes and protects the skin.

    LO lip balms only contain active ingredients, no mineral oils, toxins, petroleum or parabens. It does contain the following caring ingredients:

    1. Almond, wonder & jojoba - emollients that keep moisture locked in.
    2. Caprylic/capric triglyceride - a light, odour- and colourless oil derived from coconut oil. It is more stable than coconut oil and considered an excellent emollient.
    3. Beyberry - the only vegan wax that resembles the staying power of beeswax. It reduces stickiness and the 'greasy effect' in balm products, plus it has a really nice scent.
    4. Candelilla - vegan wax that provides a protective layer on your lips.
    5. Iron oxides, mica, zinc, silica & titanium dioxide - 100% natural pigments. Totally free from dyes FD&C, D&C and Lakes. Manufactured in the EU.

    How to use
    LO lipbalms have a firm, moisturizing formula. Warm up the lipbalm with your finger and gently press to break the surface barrier. The creamy formula will activate. Apply multiple layers for a more intense look.

    LO packaging is completely natural – frosted glass jars, paper stickers and finely crafted walnut lids from FSC certified wood. All lids have a unique grain pattern and get their colour from the different types of wood, not because they are colour painted. The logo and circles on top give the lids their signature LO style, but what makes the caps truly unique is the milled thread that fits the glass jar perfectly. The lid contains a cork inlay.

About the brand

LO Care

LO is created by Rosa Lolo with the goal of inspiring women to make more conscious beauty choices. LO products are meant to naturally highlight and enhance our beauty, not to change it. Rosa wanted to do this with the best ingredients possible, without compromising on quality or the environment.

After 3 years of formulating and reformulating, Rosa created the perfect balms that she had always been looking for. They are 100% natural and are loaded with rich nutrients for the skin. Both the balms and the tints sit comfortably on the lips with a soft buttery texture you can wear all day.

With LO, Rosa also wanted to help women minimize their exposure to plastics, as well as pave the way for a plastic-free movement in beauty. Her promise to you is to bring you the best ingredients packaged only in the most natural materials.

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