Alum Stone

  • Alumn stones are often referred to as 'the original aftershave' and were originally a part of every barber's toolbox. Mühle's natural alumn stones are made of natural potassium alum. Natural potassium alum stones have antiseptic and astringent qualities. Applying a dampened alum stone to the skin after shaving has an antiseptic effect, closing the skin’s pores while leaving it soft and smooth. Use the stone to soothe the skin after shaving, helping to fight razor burn, seal small nicks and cuts and in case of itchy mosquito bites.

    How to use
    After you shave, wash your face thoroughly ensuring that all shaving cream or soap has been rinsed off. Then splash your face with cold water helping pores to close and allowing the alumn stone to easily glide over your face. After this, also wet the alum stone and rub the stone onto areas of your skin that you’ve shaved.

    To use the alum stone to seal small cuts, first clean the cut with cold water removing any dirt that may be inside the cut. Gently apply the stone to the cut for about 20 seconds or until bleeding stops.

    Leave your alum stone out to dry after use.

    Mühle's alum stone is a natural, multi functional product that can also be used as a deodorant. Potassium alum has natural antibacterial properties that reduce the growth of odour causing bacteria. Wet the stone and rub it under your arms.

    Potassium alum also contains natural aluminium. If you prefer to choose a deodorant that contains no aluminum at all, you can choose one of our othernatural deodorants.