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Natural Clay Hair Wax - Hades Matte Paste

  • The natural hair wax from The Natural Barber Co. creates textured looks with a matte finish without drying out your hair or weighing it down. The professional all natural matte clay hair wax has lightweight hold that adds thickness and volume to finer, thin hair. The sustainable hair wax is naturally fragranced so it’s kinder to sensitive skin.

    The wax makes your hair feel and look natural but it's flexible enough to rework throughout the day. The vitamin-E is a natural sun block for protection against the elements, especially when surfing or doing water sports. At the end of the day washes out easy and clean.

    The hair wax suits fine to thick, short to long length hair. You can also use the wax to style and care for your beard as an alternative to beard oil and it is definitely also suitable for everyone who doesn't have a beard.

    The hair wax contains 8 natural ingredients:

    1. Shea Butter - nourishes and hydrates the scalp
    2. Corn Starch - leaves a silky, matte feeling on hair while controlling shine
    3. Coco-Caprylate - naturally derived from coconut oil, hydrates and conditions skin
    4. Kaolin Clay - a fine light clay, soaks up excess oil and cleanses pores
    5. Sweet Almond Oil - rich in vitamin E, softens the hair shaft, balances oils on the scalp
    6. Silica Dimethyl Silylate - a common mineral, found in the form of quartz in nature, it thickens, moisturises and provides long-lasting wear
    7. Tribehenin - derived from rapeseed, forms a protective breathable barrier on the skin, and keeps the scalp hydrated
    8. Vitamin-E - helps improve overall scalp and hair health and is a natural sun protectant

    How to use
    For the best results, wash and towel dry your hair. Optionally use a hair dryer before and during styling to add volume and lock your style in place.

    1. Scoop out a coin sized amount
    2. Rub between palms to warm the paste
    3. Work in to dry or damp hair, applying evenly
    4. Style to your desired look, using more product if needed

    The hair wax comes in a recyclable aluminium tin. The Natural Barber Co. has chosen to use aluminium, due to the fact that aluminium is infinitely recyclable. The aluminium recycling process uses only 5 percent of the energy compared to the primary production process.

About the brand

The Natural Barber Co.

The Natural Barber Co. was founded by Joe Mallory-Skinner, who in his early 20's was living out his rock and roll dreams on tour and played in front of thousands of people. During these shows his eyes regularly started burning out of control and as turns out that because he would sweat, his hair wax would melt and get into his eyes and make them sting. A common problem you might have when playing sports.

Joe was fed up with trying loads of different, complicated hair styling products and decided to make his own product. He created many prototypes in his kitchen and tried them out with local barbers and friends. After a year and a half, Joe launched The Natural Barber Co. and solved his problem of stinging eyes.

The Natural Barber Co. products are sustainably made in the UK, contain all natural ingredients and are not tested on animals.

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