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Mineral Sunscreen

  • Odyskin believes there is no reason for environmentally friendly products to be less pleasant or effective than traditional products. The natural sunscreen is made solely with mineral filters and natural ingredients, but you won't even notice it. Odyskin sunscreen is based on solid scientific evidence and it also happens to be plastic-free and reef-safe.

    The mineral sunscreen has a lovely scent due to the added violet perfume and is suitable for both your face and body.

    Mineral filter
    The sunscreen is made with mineral filters and therefore they can leave white marks. Odyskin minimized this effect as much as possible by using oils and solar boosters. We have tried the suncream ourselves and it is very easily absorbed by the skin and, we believe it's the best mineral sunscreen which leaves no white marks.

    The mineral filters in the sunscreen are non-nano.

    Read everything you need to know about mineral sunscreens in our blog about sustainable sunscreen.

    COSMOS organic certified
    The sunscreen is COSMOS organic certified, which guarantees:

    1. Responsible use of natural resources;
    2. Respect of biodiversity;
    3. Absence of petrochemical ingredient: parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes, synthetic colorants and GMO;
    4. Recyclable packaging; and
    5. Environmentally friendly production and processing processes respecting human health and development of the concept of green chemicals.

    How to use
    Make sure to shake the tube before use to mix the ingredients. Apply uniformly on your body 15 minutes before exposure to the sun. Reapply every two hours and after swimming to ensure full protection.

    Keep the cream in a dry place outside of the sun. The sunscreen is made using an oil-based formula to avoid adding water and therefore conservatives. Leaving the cream in the sun will turn it into a liquid. Simply put the cream away from the sun in a place at room temperature and it will regain its original texture.

    Please note!
    The sunscreen contains a small quantity of essential oils and is therefore not recommended for those who are pregnant.

    The cream is housed in a recyclable aluminium tube with a plastic cap. Now you may be thinking: plastic? Though we are committed to selling plastic-free products, for some products we make a small exception. For your next order keep the cap from your first tube and select the refill option without cap.

About the brand


Odyskin, founded by Stephanie, believes there is no reason for environmentally friendly products to be less pleasant or effective than traditional products. That's why they strive to create the best solar care products in every way: good for you, good for others and good for the planet. Odyskin is a trendy brand that is not only attractive to surfers and athletes, but to everyone conscious about the environment and their lifestyle.

Odyskin is a natural sustainable sun care range which is cosmos organic certified, vegan and reef-friendly. The products are made out of 99% to 100% natural ingredients. Also their packaging is innovative, the sunscreen is packaged in aluminium tubes and the after sun in amber pharma glass jars.

Odysking is doing their utmost best to reduce their carbon footprint throughout every step of the supply chain from their laboratories to your door. All their products are developed, produced and packaged in France. The packaging is fully sourced in Europe and the ingredients as well when possible.

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