Christmas Chocolate Bar Milk with Mulled Wine

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  • This Tony's Chocolonely milk chocolate bar with mulled wine will get you into the Christmas spirit! Break out the Tony's tree and hang it in your own tree. Or just eat it right away, cause it's just so good! This Belgian fairtrade chocolate bar contains with orange, red wine powder, cloves and cinnamon. Not just making you happy, but the farmer's Tony's work with as well: a better price for their cocoa and extra premium on top.

    The chocolate bar contains a minimum of 32% cocoa solids and less than 0,015% vol alcohol.

    The Tony’s bars are packed in two separate wrappers. The first wrapper is a very thin layer of aluminium foil and the second layer is a paper wrapper. The separate layers make it easy for you to recycle. The aluminium foil in the regular waste bin and the paper wrapper in the paper bin.

    Aluminium foil
    The aluminium foil Tony uses is as thin as possible (1.5 grams). The aluminium foil that Tony's uses consists of one material, meaning the foil is fully recyclable. When you finished your bar: it's best to throw away the aluminium foil in its entirety (not in several small pieces). This makes it easier for the waste processor to separate it from other waste in the recycling process.

    Paper wrappers
    The wrappers are made from unbleached and uncoated FSC-certified paper. This means the wrappers are not coated with porcelain or kaolin. In a past life, Tony’s used recycled paper but unfortunately this paper is no longer available. Tony’s promises to continue their search for new recycled paper that meets their criteria.

About the brand

Tony's Chocolonely

Tony's Chocolonely is founded by journalist Teun van de Keuken after reading a book about illegal child labour and modern slavery on cocoa farms in West Africa. Teun decided to do further research and discuss this with several chocolate companies. When they declined, he felt very lonely in his battle against slavery in the chocolate industry, hence Tony’s 'Chocolonely'.

This is when Teun decides to make his own slave free chocolate bars. The first fairtrade Tony's Chocolonely bars roll off the production line in November 2005. In 2006 Tony’s goes official: a chocolate company on a mission to eradicate slavery from the chocolate industry.

Tony’s mission is to make 100% slave free chocolate the norm. Right now there is slavery on cocoa farms in West Africa, a result of the unequally divided cocoa chain. Tony’s has 5 sourcing principles for slave-free cocoa: traceable cocoa beans, a higher price, strong farmers, the long-term and improved quality and productivity.

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