Foto van een Vegums bewaarblikje met multivitamine gummies voor veganisten
Foto van een Vegums bewaarblikje met omega-3 gummies
Foto van een Vegums bewaarblikje met ijzer gummies

Gummies Click-Clack Tin

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A handy tin to store your favourite Vegums. Each tin can store a month's supply of Vegums vitamins (multivitamin, iron or omega-3) - perfect for keeping topped up on the go or at home.

How to use
The tin has a handy click-clack system. Press the middle of the lid to open the tin, and then squeeze the sides of the lid to click it back shut.

  • Made of tin

  • Measurements: 2,1 x 7,5 cm diameter
  • Made in China

Vegums started with two friends: John and Abdul, both plant-based working pharmacists. They knew that pursuing a vegan or plant-based diet can result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies. It can be more difficult to get sufficient essential vitamins from non-animal diets. This leads to the potential for health problems such as anaemia, tiredness, depression, and poor metabolism.

John and Abdul struggled to find plant-based multivitamins, particularly gummies, for their families. So, they decided to use their pharmacological expertise and develop the ideal multivitamin for a vegan and plant-based lifestyle. The result was the launch of Vegums in November 2018. The vegan gummies contain no animal-derived ingredients, uses natural colours and flavours, and are packaged in plastic-free and environmentally friendly packaging.

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