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Fish-free Omega-3 Gummies

  • These eco-friendly fish-free omega-3 gummies from Vegums are packed full of vegan omega-3 from marine algae. The plant-based gummy bears provide a huge 80mg DHA per daily dose which helps to maintain healthy eyes, skin, heart and brain. This is especially important during childhood development. To date, there is no official recommended daily allowance of DHA, so it is always recommended to take the gummies as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

    People usually get their omega-3 from eating seafood, but this is not vegan, it's full of chemical and metal contaminants. Omega-3 is only found in fish because they directly or indirectly consume algae. That's why Vegums now extracts vegetarian omega-3 straight from the source. The vitamins are (obviously) vegan and are certified by The Vegan Society. Vegums only uses plant derived pectin as a gelling agent.

    The vegan gummy bears are made using only naturally-derived flavours and colours. DHA is the most bioavailable fatty acid in omega-3, and Vegums DHA is extracted and purified from sustainably sourced marine algae. Not only that – you’ll also get an immune boost from vitamin E.

    They have the natural sweetness of real oranges and a pinch of unrefined beet sugar (just a sixth of a teaspoon [0,7g] per portion).

    Whilst Vegums are certified vegan by the Vegan Society, that doesn’t mean they’re not the perfect omega 3 supplement for vegetarians and omnivores too. Veggies struggle to meet their omega-3 quota, and there’s no doubt that algae oil is a better option for omnis too. The vegan omega-3 supplement has been developed with the whole family in mind. Children from 3-12 years old simply take 1 a day while over 12s take 2.

    The food supplements are packed per 30 pieces in a compostable cellulose bag made from cornstarch. The starter pack also includes a cardboard tube and a metal click-clack tin that can store a month's supply of Vegums vitamins - perfect for keeping topped up on the go. The cardboard tube can be used to store your gummy vitamins at home. The tubes can be recycled or even upcycled, use them as a plant pot, pen holder or money box.

About the brand


Vegums is a carbon-negative company founded by 2 plant-based pharmacists who were looking for a plastic-free alternative to pongy pills and chalky chewables. They knew that pursuing a vegan or plant-based diet can result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies. It can be more difficult to get sufficient essential vitamins from non-animal diets. The two friends set themselves a mission to to fill in the potential gaps in a plant-based diet, without it costing the Earth.

The result was the launch of Vegums in November 2018. The vegan gummies contain no animal-derived ingredients, uses natural colours and flavours, and are packaged in plastic-free and environmentally friendly packaging.

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