Werfzeep Kruidenshampoo
Werfzeep Kruidenshampoo
Werfzeep Natural Soap Bars
Werfzeep Natural Soap Bars

Herbal Shampoo

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The Werfzeep gentle herbal shampoo bar combines calendula, ginger, East Indian cherry, hops, mildly scented cedar, ylang ylang, palmarosa and ravensara and is particularly suitable for long hair. To make the herbal hair soap Werfzeep takes hops, calendula, nettle and East Indian cherry from their forest garden. They mix these with macerated organic ginger from Het Blauwe Huis; a local producer based in nearby Drenthe. The wonderful blend of essential oils cares for your scalp and the base of the soap consists of deliciously nourishing oils such as shea butter, jojoba and olive oil.

The soap bar doesn’t contain heather honey and is completely vegan.

To use the hair soap, simply rub the bar over your hair, which will create lots of foam. Alternatively, first foam the soap in your hands, then massage it into your hair.

Your hair may take a while to get used to this natural hair soap. Especially if you have just switched from regular shampoo, your hair may not immediately feel smooth. This is due to previously used hair products. These often contain silicone, which gives your hair a shiny and smooth layer, which you wash out slowly with the natural soap. Before it is completely washed off, it can therefore feel a little rough. In addition, your scalp sometimes has to get used to and regulate the production of sebum, this will come naturally.

Werfzeep’s shampoo gives different reactions to different hair types. People with very long and / or dyed hair sometimes have more difficulty with hair soap. It might feel as if the rough feeling isn’t disappearing quickly enough, but it may also calm an irritated scalp, makes dandruff disappear, lifeless hair regain its own volume and frizzy hair become less dry.

If the natural soap bar turns out not to match with your hair, you can also use this hair soap as a shower soap. After all, all ingredients are also great for your skin.

How to use the Werfzeep shampoo?
The shampoo bars are Werzeep’s most popular soaps! In addition to the compliments, many questions are asked. Werfzeep summarised the most frequently asked questions for you in this blog.

Beat the Microbead - Microplastics
Werfzeep's herbal shampoo has the 'Look for the Zero - Zero Plastic Inside' logo from Beat the Microbead.

  • Natural ingredients
  • Plant based & organic
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Palm oil free
  • Contents: ~100 grams
  • Produced in Utrecht

Coconut*, olive*, shea butter*, water, jojoba oil*, borage oil*, cedarwood*, ylang ylang*, ravensara*, palmarosa*, ginger root powder*, hopsx, garden nasturtium+, common nettlex and calendula*/+

INCI: sodium cocoate*, sodium olivate*, sodium shea butterate*, aqua, aroma, simmondsia chinensis oil*, borago officinalis seed oil*, zingiber officinale root powder*, humulus lupulus extractx, tropaeolum majus extract+, urtica dioica extractx, calendula officinalis flower extract*/+, linaloolo, geraniolo, benzyl benzoateo, amyl cinnamalo

* from a certified organic source
+ home-grown
x wild harvest
organic essential oils
o natural component of essential oils

Werfzeep is an organic soap company based in the heart of Utrecht in the Netherlands. All Werfzeep soaps are plant-based, palm oil free and made with love. Werfzeep soaps are mild, soothing shower soaps, full of nourishing oils and natural glycerine. In the opinion of Werfzeep, plants are essential in the creation of good quality soap.

Werfzeep only works with organic ingredients from quality producers and we don’t add any unnecessary substances. They source their ingredients from organic producers around the world who share their values. They also collect raw materials in the lovely Wickenburgh forest near Utrecht. Here Werfzeep harvests different ingredients and grow various herbs and roots in their own garden.

Werfzeep never uses palm oil, animal fats or chemichals such as perfume oil, dyes or foam improvers. Werfzeep soaps are biodegradable and of course not tested on animals.

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