Zo Zero Mooi mondverzorgingspakket Spearmint
Zo Zero Mooi Mondverzorgingspakket English Peppermint
Zo Zero Mooi Mondverzorgingspakket Houtskool
Zo Zero Mooi Mondverzorgingpakket Orange
Georganics Toothpaste Spearmint
Georganics Mouthwash Tablets Spearmint
Georganics Floss with Dispenser Spearmint
Hydrophil Bamboo Toothbrush Medium Green
Georganics Toothpaste English Peppermint
Georganics Mouthwash Tablets Box English Peppermint
Hydrophil Toothbrush Medium Blue
Georganics Toothpaste Activated Charcoal
Georganics Mouthwash Tablets Charcoal
Georganics Floss with Dispenser Charcoal
Hydrophil Toothbrush Medium Natural
Georganics Toothpaste Orange
Georganics Mouthwash Tablets Orange
Georganics Floss with Dispenser Orange
Hydrophil Bamboo Toothbrush Medium Red

Delicious Dental Kit

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This delicious oral hygiene kit is the perfect way to ban plastic from your daily routine. It provides you with fresh breath, healthy teeth and a healthy world at the same time.

The Zo Zero Dental Kit contains:

The package is available in four different flavours:

  • Spearmint toothpaste, mouthwash tablets and dental floss and a green toothbrush
  • English Peppermint toothpaste and mouthwash tablets, spearmint dental floss and a blue toothbrush
  • Activated charcoal toothpaste, mouthwash tablets and dental floss and a natural toothbrush
  • Orange toothpaste, mouthwash tablets and dental floss and a red toothbrush

The perfect package to treat yourself or to gift to a loved one. If you’re not in the position to gift the package yourself, we’ll happily send it for you. Want to add a card? That’s no problem either, we’ll add a hand written card! Add one of these blooming cards and leave a sweet message in the notes during check out. We can also write the message in the package.

Georganics was born as a result of Alex trying many high fluoride products in a bid to rid his unexplainable cavities, only to find they didn’t work. A change to his diet was the next option. A couple of months in, Alex decided it wasn’t just the his diet he needed to change, but also the products he was using; soaps, creams, deodorants…everything. He found natural alternatives for most things but struggled to find a good natural toothpaste. Not one to give up, Alex made his own, left his job in the city and launched Georganics.

Georganics only uses pure, natural and organic ingredients for all of their products. The ingredients are sourced as locally as possible. The packaging is specifically designed to produce no waste to avoid clogging up landfill sites.This way, you can take care of your oral hygiene safe and do well by the planet.

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