Zo Zero Zonnig Zomerpakket
HelemaalShea Zomerzeep Seizoensspecial
Suntribe After Sun Balm - Eucalytus & Jojoba
Rokai Natuurlijke Biologische Zonnebrandcrème SPF25
Flawless Khakibos Anti Muggen Gel

Sunny Summer Kit

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Sun, Sea and Beach. Protect your skin from the sun and mosquitoes with this sunny summer package. Your body and our earth will be grateful!

The Zo Zero Summer Kit includes:

The perfect package to treat yourself or to gift to a loved one. If you’re not in the position to gift the package yourself, we’ll happily send it for you. Want to add a card? That’s no problem either, we’ll add a hand written card! Add one of these blooming cards and leave a sweet message in the notes during check out. We can also write the message in the package.

Amazinc! started at some point in the year 2015 as a vision of completely natural sunblock that is not only functional, but as well gentle on the skin and the environment. Amazinc! is founded by a bunch of surfers and snowboarders who love to spend time in the nature – whether it is in the ocean or up in the mountains. They want to protect what they enjoy! It is their goal to create a range of products that are only natural - nothing more and nothing less. Products that we can produce and consume for years and years without damaging the environment and our planet.

All Amazinc! products are plastic free and made of natural ingredients. Most commercial sun screens use substances like Oxybenzone that are dangerous for marine life, corals and wild life in general. The chemicals (even in very low concentration) create reef bleaching which causes the death of the coral. Non coated NANO particles of zinc oxide or titanium oxide aren’t any better. The Amazinc! products do not contain these chemicals which makes them safe to use in the oceans!

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