Organic Cotton Mesh Bag

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  • Plastic disposable bags are a thing of the past with these handy fruit and vegetable bags! Take them to the supermarket or bulk store to carry loose green beans, apples, onions or avocados. This sturdy bag comes with a handy drawstring to keep it closed. They are light and easy to take anywhere. The bags are made from certified organic cotton netting and come with a practical closing cord.

    All Bo Weevil fabrics and products are organic, GOTS certified. This certification guarantees that the entire production chain is sustainable: it prohibits the use of pesticides or fertilizers on-farm, verifies that only approved substances for dyeing and printing are used, and requires decent working conditions in each step of the supply chain.

    Fun Fact
    In the Netherlands, offering thin plastic bags for vegetables, fruit and sandwiches is not yet prohibited. That's too bad! Shopping consciously and carrying your own grocery or bread bag helps limit your contribution to the growing plastic soup, and prevents raw materials from going to waste.