True Gum


Most gum is made from the same plastic polymers as those found in car tyres and plastic bottles. This means that the gum can’t biodegrade and will be stuck in our streets forever. Gum is the second most common form of litter in the world. The microplastics from waste gum can reach the oceans, where it can be consumed by sealife, and make its way into our food chain.

True Gum began as a startup by founders Jacob, Peter, Zabrina and Morten, who had a belief that chewing gum could be better. In 2017 came their aha! moment – could a gum that is completely free from plastic be made? The True Gum founders gave it a go, and after many prototypes, they finally perfected the recipe in their home kitchens. They have now settled in a small factory outside of Copenhagen where a team of passionate gum aficionados ensure top-notch quality in every single piece. True Gum is now sold across Europe.