Postcard With Blooming Confetti - With Colour

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  • A big kiss, birthday wish, congratulations or special occasion. Let your message grow with these greeting cards from BLOOM Your Message!

    The confetti is made of growing paper, which is sustainable paper that has bee-friendly flower seeds in it. If you plant the confetti in soil, flowers will start to grow.

    The recycled paper is made from old newspapers. The cards are printed with eco ink.

    The postcard and confetti come in a transparent envelope made from glassine paper. Glassine is a smooth, translucent paper made by pressing the paper through high pressure rollers. The bags are strong enough to use as an envelope. In this way no extra packaging material is needed for the confetti.

    How to use
    The confetti can be planted in a pot or the garden from spring through summer. After a few weeks the first plants will show themselves and grow into bright wild flowers.

    1. Soak the growing paper with plenty of water and place it in the garden or inside a flowering pot.
    2. Cover the paper with approximately 1 cm of soil
    3. Give enough water and sunlight. After a week the seeds will start to germinate
    4. Continue to take good care of the growing flowers for the most beautiful bouquet.

    If you are sending your order directly as a gift and you would like us to personalize the card on your behalf, please leave a message in the comments field during checkout.