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  • The laundry tonics (vaskefuft in Danish) by Care by Nature are wonderfully scented organic blends of pure essential oils. When washing with perfume free laundry detergent the scent is neutral. This inspired Care by Nature to develop two unique scents for those who like a natural scent for their laundry.

    The laundry tonics are made in Denmark from Ecocert certified pure essential oils. The two gentle scents are inspired by experiences in European nature and both of them are based on the principles of aromatherapy.

    Summer Garden
    The Summer Garden fragrance is inspired by aromatic herb gardens mixed with the summery smell of a lavender flower bed. In aromatherapy, lavender is often used for its calming effect which makes this blend especially good for your sheets and bedding.

    Forest Fresh
    The Forest Fresh fragrance is based on fresh notes of pine and rosemary with a floral base - just like a walk in the forest in spring. In aromatherapy, pine and rosemary are known for their stimulating and cleansing effect. This makes Forest Fresh perfect for clothes and towels.

    The laundry tonic comes in a glass bottle with a glass pipet and natural rubber pump. The outer lid is made of bamboo with an inner plastic screw cap to avoid the bottle from leaking. This inner part of the lid is made from plastic because it is the only material that can effectively seal the oils. The bottles are stored in a tube of unbleached paper. All components of the packaging can be separated and recycled after use.

    How to use
    Use the pipet to distribute 4-5 drops of the laundry tonic over the unscented laundry detergent before you put it in the washing machine. You can also put a few drops of tonic directly into the fabric softener drawer for a more effective smell.

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