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Dry Shampoo

  • Chey Haircare's natural dry shampoo is your lifesaver when your hair is a little greasy. No one will ever know you skipped a shower (or two). This oil-absorbing powder instantly refreshes your hair.

    The dry shampoo works on all hair types and colours, including a sensitive scalp.

    This vegan dry shampoo contains the following natural ingredients:

    1. Maranta arundinacea root: a natural powder that absorbs oil and mattifies greasy hair
    2. Avena Sativa: a moisturising natural ingredient which pampers treated hair, making it appear healthier and shinier
    3. Bentonite: adds moisture and remove toxins
    4. Theobroma cacao fruit powder: contains high levels of antioxidants to add vibrance
    5. Natural aroma: natural delivered ingredient used as fragrance

    How to use
    Apply on dry hair. Sprinkle the powder onto your scalp and roots. Massage in and leave on for 30 seconds to absorb. Then brush with a comb or use your hands to remove excess powder.

    About the brand

    Chey Haircare

    Chey Haircare is named after it's founder: Chey Ciani. She's always had a passion for finding the right products for her own locks. She became quite known for her voluminous coupe and people kept asking for her secrets.

    She has searched for years to find products that won't damage your hair and are sustainable. This resulted in her very own brand. Completely free of parabens, sillicones and sulfates. Besides that, their volume powder is the first one in the world with completely non plastic packaging.

    So Chey haircare isn’t just good for creating voluminous hair, it’s also supportive of our environment!

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