Compostable Sponge Cleaning Cloths

Print: Spiritual
Botanic Garden

  • These colourful cleaning wipes from EcoLiving are plastic-free and made of renewable, plant based resources. The sponge wipes are highly absorbent, durable and reusable and they are home compostable after use. The EcoLiving cloths do not emit any microplastics, unlike classic sponge cloths.

    Each set contains four different water-based prints.

    How to use
    Wet the sponge cloth, squeeze it, and use it for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, or the rest of the house. You can also easily use the wipes to wipe your hands when you are out the door. Rinse the cloth after use.

    The wipes are both dishwasher (top rack) and washing machine safe. The cloths can be washed at 30-60 °C, let them dry on the line. Use the wipes over and over again, they are home compostable after the last use.