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Natural Deodorant

  • The Lekker Company’s cream deodorant is natural, plant-based and cruelty free. The creme deodorant based on baking soda, coconut oil and shea butter prevents odours and keeps you feeling fresh throughout the day, without clogging your pores.

    Read more about the difference between anti-perspirants and conventional deodorants and about the different deodorants, their ingredients and how they work in our blog 'Natural Deodorant that really works!'

    The Lekker Company’s products are made with natural and organic ingredients. They believe that your skin does not benefit from no-nonsense ingredients like parabens, alcohol, perfume, aluminum and animal-derived substances. The Lekker Company also cares about our planet. Their sustainably designed packaging is made from carton lined with glassine paper and does not contribute to the growing plastic soup.

    This deodorant is not only vegan-friendly but also cruelty-free. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

    The deodorant is available in five scent: Mandarin & Lemon, Neutral (parfum free option), Peppermint & Rosemary, Lavender and Woodland.

    The Lekker Company was previously known as Lekkerineenpotje.

    How to use
    Apply a pea-sized amount once daily to each armpit. Will keep you smelling fresh the rest of the day.

    The deodorant doesn't leave stains and it's best not to wear synthetic clothes for the best effect.

    Beat the Microbead - Microplastics
    The Lekker Company's deodorant has the 'Look for the Zero - Zero Plastic Inside' logo from Beat the Microbead.

About the brand

The Lekker Company

The Lekker Company was founded in 2014 by Dewi van de Waeter. She believes in the importance of knowing what you put on your body. The ingredients listed on cosmetic products are usually written according to the INCI's international naming system, making it very hard for consumers to understand. This is why Dewi has chosen to write all the ingredients of her products in basic, understandable language.

The Lekker Company's deodorants are natural, plantbased, organic and animal-friendly. They believe that your skin will not benefit from ingredients such as parabens, alcohol, perfume, aluminum and animal substances. With its sustainable cardboard packaging, The Lekker Company doesn't contribute to the growing plastic soup.

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