Reusable Silicone Lids

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  • Use the flexible and reusable silicone lids from Lékué for covering bowls and plates or for keeping your fruits and veggies fresh longer. These lids allow you to store food airtight in the fridge, with no leakage or smells. The lids are flexible in size. Silicone is a strong material that is endlessly reusable. A perfect alternative to cling film or aluminium foil.

    The silicone lids are made of high quality platinum silicone and are therefore food safe. A hermetic seal is achieved by simply pressing down on the top.

    The silicone lids are available in four different sizes:

    1. Extra Small: ø 8,5 to ø 10 cm
    2. Small: ø 11 cm to ø 14 cm
    3. Medium: ø 15 cm to ø 18 cm
    4. Large: ø 20 cm to ø 24 cm
    5. Extra Large: ø 26 cm to ø 30 cm

    Take good care of your silicone lids and avoid hard scrubbing or scraping. Do not cut or pierce the lids. Avoid contact with flames, heating elements and sharp objects.

    Tip: use baking soda with a bit of warm water, lemon juice or vinegar to clean the lid.

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Lékué is a Spanish company known for its dedication to product design and innovation. Lékué products are made entirely of platinum silicone. Platinum silicone is a type of silicone that uses only platinum as a catalyser, which increases its quality and makes it food safe. It is a flexible and resistent material, and withstands high temperatures. Ideal for making bakeware and other products that come into contact with food.

Lékúe is committed to reducing the use of single-use plastics as much as possible and that's why they developed the completely plastic-free 'Reuse & Reduce' collection. In addition, Lékué contributes to a sustainable future within its framework for action and with specific related actions referring to the goals of the United Nations's new 2030 sustainable development agenda.

Lékué defends and promotes compliance with human and labour rights, and is committed to applying regulations and best practices in terms of working conditions and occupational health and safety. In addition, Lékué promotes diversity and promotes mutual respect and understanding between people in different situations and with different personal backgrounds.

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