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FlexiForm Silicone Baking Mat

  • We all use baking paper regularly, because who likes to scrub baking trays and oven grates after baking? Unfortunately, baking paper is a disposable product. And even though baking paper is mainly made of paper, it still has to be disposed of in the residual waste due to its coating. Therefore, choose the reusable Lurch FlexiForm baking mat made of Premium-Platinum-Silicone.

    This 30 x 40 cm baking pad fits most standard baking trays and is therefore the ideal replacement for baking paper. In the long run, you will save some rolls of baking paper. In the end, this not only benefits the environment, but also your wallet.

    For the baking mat, high-quality Premium-Platinum-Silicone is used for the perfect baking results. The silicone used is heat resistant up to 240°C and is food-safe, BPA-free, neutral in taste and fruit acid resistant. Thanks to the fine-pored surface of the reusable baking liner the base is non-stick. This prevents your pizza from sticking to the baking mat and makes it easy to clean after use.

    Prefer a baking mat with border to prevent liquids from spilling? Then choose the non-spill silicone baking sheet from Lékué.

    Take good care of your silicone baking mat and avoid hard scrubbing or scraping. Do not cut or pierce the mat. Avoid contact with flames, heating elements and sharp objects.

    Tip: use baking soda with a bit of warm water, lemon juice or vinegar to clean the baking mat.

About the brand


Lurch is a German company that has been developing high quality kitchen tools since 1995. Lurch offers a wide range of utensils with a timeless design for an enjoyable baking and cooking experience. The products are made with high quality materials that are the most appropriate for the relevant purpose to ensure optimum functionality and maximum service life.

Lurch products do not need electricity to function as they believe in the superior quality of food prepared sustainably and by hand - for the good of your health and for the environment. Lurch products are designed to last, even if that means they are slightly more expensive. Lurch products are manufactured sustainably and in compliance with ecological and social standards.

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