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Savon de Marseille - Traditional Olive Soap

  • The classical Savon de Marseille à l’ huile d’ olive comes from the port city of Marseille and is made with olive oil. This plant-based olive soap is free from dyes, perfume, chemicals and preservatives. This extremely pure soap makes it suitable for people with skin allergies, such as eczema and psoriasis.

    You can use this green soap to wash your face, body or hair. It is also suitable for washing dark garments.

    The small cube (100 grams) is perfect for travelling! The 200 gram cube has a limited edition packaging to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Savonnerie Marius Fabre. Designed by a French artist from Marseille: Joan Ceccaldi.

    Savon de Marseille
    The real Savon de Marseille soap can be recognized by the logo of the 'Union des Professionnels du Savon de Marseille' (enclosed between the photos). This logo guarantees that the soap is made by boiling the natural vegetable oils in a traditional artisanal large cauldron in the Marseille region; without perfume, dye and preservatives.

    How to use
    This multifunctional soap can be used as laundry detergent, dish soap, all purpose cleaner, hand soap or natural shampoo. It also works perfectly as a stain remover. You can find lots of recipes online!

    Laundry detergent
    To make liquid laundry detergent, grate a handful of soap and boil in a liter of water. Optional: add baking soda and essential oils. Rub the soap bar over stains before washing.

    Dishwashing soap
    To create dish detergent cut off a piece of soap or grate it and dissolve in water. You can also rub your sponge or dishwashing brush directly over the cube.

    Stain remover
    To remove stain, wet the Savon De Marseille soap cube and gently rub it over the stain. Let it sit for a while and then rinse the garment with water or place in the washing machine.

About the brand

Marius Fabre

Marius Fabre is the oldest soap factory in France and one of four producers in the Marseille region that produces soap according to the old 'Savon de Marseille' tradition. The Marius Fabre soaps are made with natural ingredients, manufactured according to ancient methods. The first traces of Marseille soap production date back to the Middle Ages.

Today, the 4th generation of the Marius Fabre family, sisters Julie and Marie, keep the wheels turning.

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