Sustainable Home Products

Georganics Natural Toothpaste Temporarily sold out
Food Huggers Food Huggers - Set of 5 19,40
Care by Nature Laundry Tonic - Essential Oil 15,95
LoofCo Loofah Washing-Up Pad from 4,50
Patch Bamboo Bandages Temporarily sold out
EcoLiving Compostable Sponge Temporarily sold out
Redecker Loofah Soap Cushion 4,95
Safix Coconut Scrub Pad Temporarily sold out
Georganics Vegan Dental Floss from 5,50
Georganics Mouthwash Tablets from 6,95 9,95
Stasher Stasher Bag - Snack 14,95
Georganics Natural Toothpaste Tablets Temporarily sold out
Hydrophil Sisal Soap Pouch 6,95
ImseVimse Wet Bag from 9,95
ImseVimse Reusable Cloth Wipes Temporarily sold out
Planet Detox Toilet Scrub Temporarily sold out
Hydrophil Soap Case Temporarily sold out
Ah! Table Nut Milk Bag 3,95 5,95
HelemaalShea Baby & Kids Soap from 2,75
Planet Detox Laundry Wash 9,95
The Very Good Candle Co. Rapeseed Candle - Amber Glass Temporarily sold out
Langbrett Guppyfriend Washing Bag Temporarily sold out
EcoCoconut Coconut Bottle Brush 6,95
Food Huggers Food Huggers - Avocado from 7,50
Hydrophil Loofah Soap Cushion 4,95
Food Huggers Hugger Bag from 11,95
Werfzeep Calendula Soap Temporarily sold out
Georganics Bamboo Toothpaste Spatula 0,90 0,95
Bambaw Bamboo Cutlery Set 11,95
EcoLiving Steel Scourers 3,50
Hydrophil Konjac Sponge 6,50
Georganics Mouthwash Tablets - Refill Temporarily sold out

The zero-waste store that makes a difference

A zero-waste store is a new concept that has gained huge popularity in recent years. Zero waste means that a person or a store creates no waste. Creating no waste at all is obviously very challenging, but every step towards producing less waste is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment. The products in the Zo Zero webshop are not only more eco-friendly, they also last longer and are therefore a lot more durable. This is especially important for home accessories that can be used for a longer period of time, such as kitchen items, home ambiances and clothing. To make it easy for our customers to choose products without packaging, Zo Zero has put together a sustainable collection of home accessories, such as kitchen storage and cleaning products. These include silicone sandwich bags, food huggers, laundry strips and cleaning products. If you want to try zero-waste yourself, be sure to check out the Zo Zero collection with sustainable products for your home. Zo Zero is the leading online sustainable shop and our package-free store is sure to impress.