Natural Cleaning Soaps

HelemaalShea Citronella Soap 5,95
Planet Detox Washing Up Powder - Lemon 14,95
Planet Detox Toilet Scrub 15,95
Marius Fabre Savon de Marseille - White from 4,95 5,95
Aleppo Soap Co. Savon d'Alep - 20% Laurel from 5,50 7,95

Why natural cleaning products?

Clean your home carefree with natural cleaning products, without harmful substances and large plastic containers! Nowadays there are many natural cleaning products available without liquids in a sustainable packaging, which saves you from heavy groceries and waste. And to all the minimalists out there, your cleaning cupboard will also look super clean and tidy! Eco-friendly cleaning with natural products not only ensures a clean house, but also a clean environment.

Natural cleaning supplies are an environmentally friendly alternative

Conventional cleaning products contain ingredients that are harmful to our health and to the environment. The toxins in harsh cleaning products can be damaging to your lungs, eyes and skin. Eco cleaners allow you to mop your floors without any concern, especially when you have pets or small children in the house. You can also clean your kitchen without fear of toxic chemicals near your food.

Besides, regular cleaning products are often packaged in large plastic bottles. We buy these bottles over and over again only to throw them away into the ever-growing landfill after use. In contrast, natural cleaning products are available with little or no liquid, making it a lot lighter and therefore more environmentally friendly to carry around. The eco cleaning products available at Zo Zero are packaged in soluble and biodegradable film, paper wrappers or recyclable cardboard boxes.

How does natural cleaning soap work?

Just like conventional cleaners, natural cleaning soap gives you a wonderfully fresh and clean home. Use the natural cleaning soap to make a lather to do your dishes, mop the floor or clean surfaces. Another convenient option is to rub your scouring pad or dishwashing brush over the bar and scrub. You can even use the natural cleaning soaps as stain removers by wetting them and rubbing the stain.

What different natural cleaning products are there?

The advantage of natural cleaning products, such as Savon de Marseille and Savon d’Alep soap, is that they are multifunctional. It’s a dish soap, laundry detergent, all-purpose cleaner, stain remover and hand soap all in one. The OceanSaver cleaning drops are small water-soluble cleaning drops for the kitchen, bathroom, floor and the rest of the house. The Tru Earth all-purpose cleaner eco-strips are concentrated strips that you can dissolve in water just like the cleaning drops. Zo Zero also has eco-friendly dishwasher tablets from Kleany, unpackaged and without soluble film. Planet Detox's water-soluble cleaning powders also effectively clean your home naturally.

What are the advantages of natural cleaning products?

  • You create less waste!
  • You don’t have to worry about chemical substances and your health
  • You can enjoy a tidy cleaning cupboard, without big plastic bottles that take up a lot of space
  • You do your bit for a better environment

What kind of natural cleaning products will you not find at Zo Zero?

There are many more natural cleaning products available from brands like Marcel, Seepje, Ecover and Ecopod. The reason we don't sell Marcel, Ecover and Seepje is because they are packaged in plastic containers. The Ecopod refill packaging is also not completely plastic-free. At Zo Zero, we want to help you avoid plastic and reduce waste by offering the best available.

The full range at Zo Zero

Looking for a nice reusable spray bottle for your natural cleaning products? Then check out the stylish amber glass spray bottles from Kuishi. Zo Zero also has simple, yet stylish wooden and loofah soap holders to keep your soaps dry so they last longer. Zo Zero has everything you need to clean your home sustainably! Dishwashing brushes, sponges and wipes, you name it!

Also read our ‘Our tips for an eco-friendly Spring cleaning’ for more inspiration on how to make your cleaning routine more sustainable!