Zo Zero Impact

Plastic-Free & Minimal Waste

It is Zo Zero's ambition to avoid single-use plastics and to produce as little waste as possible. There is always room for improvement but we dedicate a lot of time on the selection of our products and set strict requirements for our suppliers. Our suppliers produce environmentally friendly products that promote a #zeroplastic and #zerowaste lifestyle. The companies we work with prioritize sustainability in their business operations and production process. We occasionally have to deal with unsustainable packaging or materials for hygienic purposes or simply because there isn't a better alternative available, but essentially we keep our doors closed to plastic.

We are convinced that the products we sell are currently the best alternatives available.


Most of our orders are sent in recycled boxes that we receive from other entrepreneurs and companies, such as Toff Optics and MublioMublio. Boxes and filling material that we purchase ourselves are fully recyclable or compostable. We also use biodegradable paper tape.

Zo Zero asks all of its suppliers to deliver plastic-free. The less packaging we receive, the better. If suppliers do not meet this requirement, we reach out to them and hope to find a solution. We partner with sustainable companies and believe we can make improvements together. If we cannot come to a solution, we will look for an alternative because sustainable products deserve sustainable packaging.

We rarely receive products in unnecessary packaging but if we do, we will remove it for our customers as we see it as our responsibility to handle that with care. We ask our customers to reuse, recycle or compost the regular packaging material as much as possible.

Sustainable Banking

Zo Zero believes in the importance of sustainable banking, which is why we have chosen for Triodos bank. Triodos bank is committed to positive social, ecological and cultural changes. The payment cards are plant-based and biodegradable.

Paperless Office

Zo Zero is a digital company, where we use as little paper as possible. We send digital order confirmations and invoices and encourage our suppliers to do the same. We therefore do not send a physical invoice and packing slip with our packages.

You also won't find a thank-you note in your package. We are very grateful for all the orders and your support, but we don't want this to create more waste. That's why we write or stamp a thank you note inside the package!

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