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Loofah Washing-Up Pad

  • LoofCo Washing-Up Pads are hand-made in Egypt from the loofah plant, a biodegradable alternative to plastic washing-up sponges. The washing-up loofah pad fits neatly into the hand & when immersed in water swells up to become a soft, spongy and flexible pad. It’s soft enough for non-stick pans and supple enough to fit into mugs. It will last for months with normal use and when worn out can be composted. Each pad has a convenient cotton hanging string.

    Loofah is a renewable raw material that absorbs CO2 when growing. The loofah plant is a vigorously growing vine from the cucumber family that is rich in durable fibres, yet soft and flexible. When ripe, the inside of the loofah fruit develops a network of fibres that is perfect for cleaning and exfoliating purposes when dried. The loofahs are harvested, peeled, deseeded and then dried, cut into lengths and processed by hand in Egypt. This natural tradition has been passed down through many generations.

    How to use
    Rinse thoroughly before first use. Use the sponge in warm water with washing up liquid, like a normal washing up sponge. The sponge is hard when dry, but when immersed in water it swells up to become a soft, spongy and flexible pad. Soak and remove baked on food first. To keep your loofah fresh between uses, squeeze out excess water, shake out any food particles & hang to dry from the cotton string loop. Occasionally wash the sponge in the washing machine or by hand if desired.


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About the brand


LoofCo's mission is to offer an alternative to mass-produced plastic brushes, pads, scourers and shower puffs that will not biodegrade. LoofCo sponges are hand-made in Egypt and are based on traditional designs, proven over generations, that are highly effective for cleaning. LoofCo farming practices are sustainable and meet the highest environmental standards. LoofCo ensures that local farmers and production workers have an inclusive workplace and are treated fairly with wages and benefits, such as medical insurance, higher than normal rates. LoofCo does not employ any children.

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