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Woodland Soap

  • The Werfzeep Woodland Soap is an ode to the trees and the wood; to the Wickenburgh forest where Werfzeep collects so many of its ingredients, and to their pine-tree distillator Henk who makes hydrolates from pine and fir for Werfzeep.

    Woodland Soap brings together the best of Wickenburgh forest with Henk’s hydrolates. It’s a deliciously earthy and fresh soap full of pine and fir, with extracts of hazel, ash, blackberry leaf and ginkgo biloba.

    Beat the Microbead - Microplastics
    Werfzeep's woodland soap has the'Look for the Zero - Zero Plastic Inside''Look for the Zero - Zero Plastic Inside' logo from Beat the Microbead.

About the brand


Werfzeep is an organic soap company based in the heart of Utrecht in the Netherlands. All Werfzeep soaps are plant-based, palm oil free and made with love. Werfzeep soaps are mild, soothing shower soaps, full of nourishing oils and natural glycerine. In the opinion of Werfzeep, plants are essential in the creation of good quality soap.

Werfzeep only works with organic ingredients from quality producers and we don’t add any unnecessary substances. They source their ingredients from organic producers around the world who share their values. They also collect raw materials in the lovely Wickenburgh forest near Utrecht. Here Werfzeep harvests different ingredients and grow various herbs and roots in their own garden.

Werfzeep never uses palm oil, animal fats or chemichals such as perfume oil, dyes or foam improvers. Werfzeep soaps are biodegradable and of course not tested on animals.

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