Sustainable Shaving

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What is a safety razor?

A safety razor is a classic razor that is making it's comeback. The blade in the durable razor is protected by the head of the safety razor so you protect yourself while shaving. This in contrast to shaving with a razor-sharp, open blade, which was widely used but caused many wounds and cuts.

A safety razor with open or closed comb?

There are safety razors with both open and closed combs. An open comb means, as the name suggests, that the blade is more exposed and can therefore remove more hair. A safety razor with an open comb is very suitable for people with a heavier beard growth. However, the risk of irritation or wounds is greater with an open comb as the skin is more exposed to the blade. This is why most safety razors have a closed comb. You can use a safety razor with a closed comb for a smooth and stylish shave with much less risk of nicks and cuts.

A safety razor is a sustainable alternative to plastic razors

These days, plastic razors from Gillette, for example, have up to five blades that move across your skin at the same time. This causes a lot of irritation. With a safety razor, only one sharp blade moves over your skin, ensuring a perfect result.

How does a safety razor work?

Because the safety razor is safely contained in the closed comb, you automatically hold the razor at the right angle for a perfect shave. This durable razor performs best when you place it at an angle of about 30 degrees to your skin. Soap your skin well before shaving and hold the plastic-free razor between your thumb and forefinger. Hold the razor at a 30-degree angle to the skin and smoothly slide the blade across the skin. There is no need to apply pressure. Try to move in the direction of hair growth as much as possible.

Rinse the safety razor well after use and store it in a dry place to keep the blade sharp as long as possible. When the razor blade becomes blunt, replace the blade by unscrewing the head from the safety razor. Make sure you pack the blade well before you throw it away so you do not cut yourself.

What are the advantages of a safety razor?

  • A completely plastic-free razor is good for the environment because you only replace the easily recyclable blades and don't throw away a whole plastic razor each time.
  • For this reason, shaving with a safety razor is also much cheaper, the initial investment may be slightly higher, but the small razor blades are ultimately much cheaper!
  • A safety razor protects your skin from cuts.
  • A safety razor prevents ingrown hairs and other irritations.
  • A universal size: almost all double edge razors fit all safety razors.
  • The durable razor is chic and stylish and is a real asset to your bathroom.
  • A durable safety razor of good quality can last a lifetime.

The full range of safety razors at Zo Zero

At Zo Zero you can buy safety razors by the brands Mühle and Bambaw. Mühle is one of the best known safety razor brands and offers durable, good quality razors made from robust and sustainable materials. The Bambaw safety razor are also produced sustainably, are available in many different colours, with and without holder and are slightly cheaper than the Mühle razors.

In addition to plastic-free razors, you will also find natural, vegan shaving soap and an alum stone by Mühle at Zo Zero. An alum stone is a natural aftershave that is perfect for soothing the skin and combating razor burn.

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