Natural Conditioner Bars

What is a natural conditioner?

A natural conditioner bar is conditioner that is not liquid but, has a solid form. A conditioner bar is packed in a cardboard box so you can say goodbye to a dozen plastic bottles a year. Natural conditioner bars contain only natural ingredients without chemical additives. Plastic-free conditioner bars look like a bar of soap that your grandma used to have but, contain all nourishing ingredients that a conditioner needs. Like regular conditioners, conditioner bars are available for different hair types. These zero waste conditioner bars are the perfect replacement for conventional conditioner in a bottle.

Not everyone uses conditioner, but for many people their hair feels a bit rough after washing with a natural shampoo bar. A conditioner ensures that your hair becomes soft again and it nourishes, conditions and detangles the hair. A conditioner bar ensures that the cuticles of your hair close, making your hair feel softer and less dry.

Which ingredients are (not) in a zero waste conditioner bar?

All conditioner bars that you can buy at Zo Zero contain natural ingredients. Normal conditioners (and many conditioner bars too) contain harsh ingredients such as SLS or SLES. SLS strips your hair and skin of its natural fat layer, making your hair and skin extremely dry. Natural conditioner bars often contain ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter and each conditioner bar also has its own working ingredients, but none of the conditioner bars contain ingredients that are harmful to your hair.

None of our conditioner bars contain animal ingredients or are tested on animals and in addition, all our vegan conditioner bars are completely free from microplastics, palm oil and sulphates.

How to use a conditioner bar?

Apply the natural conditioner to your hair after washing your hair with shampoo. Wet the bar to soften it a bit, then rub it over your hair. You can also rub the conditioner bar between your hands and apply the conditioner with your hands. Let the vegan conditioner soak in for a while, comb your hair with your fingers and rinse the conditioner out in the shower.

So you basically use a conditioner bar exactly the same as a shampoo bar. The big difference with a shampoo bar is that you only use the vegan conditioner for the ends of your hair.

To make the conditioner bar last longer, let it dry thoroughly after each use, preferably in a place outside the shower.

Conditioner bar and shampoo bar

A conditioner bar is perfect to use in combination with a natural shampoo bar.

What are the benefits of a conditioner bar?

  • A conditioner bar is plastic-free and therefore more environmentally friendly than conventional conditioner
  • Conditioner bars last much longer than normal conditioner which is good for your wallet
  • You stop paying for water, one of the standard ingredients in conventional conditioners
  • Natural conditioner bars contain only natural ingredients
  • When you rinse the conditioner, it comes down your body, creating a nice soft feeling on your skin
  • Conditioner bars take up much less space, both in your shower and in your toiletry bag
  • You can easily take conditioner bars in your hand luggage, hence it not being a liquid
  • This way there's no risk of leaking or exploding bottles in your bag

What is the best conditioner bar for you?

Are you looking for the best vegan conditioner bar for your hair? At Zo Zero you will find conditioner bars for different hair types, from normal to dry hair to oily and fine hair. You will also find calendula and coconut scented conditioner bars.

If your hair is a bit drier and you're prone to frizz, a natural conditioner with coconut oil is perfect for you. Coconut makes your hair incredibly soft and makes it shine again. A conditioner with coconut oil is also the right choice for curly hair.

Are your conditioner bars Curly Girl proof?

Chey Ciani, the founder of Chey Haircare, has a beautiful bunch of curls herself. Therefore, she only developed vegan conditioners that are Curly Girl approved. The 2in1 shampoo + conditioner by Zero Waste Path is also Curly Girl proof.

Which conditioner bars won't you find at Zo Zero?

Because Zo Zero's main focus is selling plastic-free product, we do not sell conditioner by Naïf. Naïf sells beautiful products with only great ingredients and Naïf is a B Corp, but Naïf's products are packaged in bioplastic. We are not a fan of bioplastic for products for which there is an alternative, because bioplastic lasts almost as long in nature as conventional plastic. That is why we have chosen not to sell products packaged in bioplastic, such as those by Naïf.

The full range at Zo Zero

At Zo Zero you will find vegan conditioner bars by HelemaalShea and Chey Haircare. These two brands have been strong favourites since the beginning. In addition, we offer the 2in1 shampoo + conditioner bars by Zero Waste Path.

In addition to natural conditioner bars, you will also find natural hair masks, natural shampoo bars, natural hair styling products such as volume powder, hair gel and hair wax and sustainable hair brushes and hair ties. And check here for an overview of all our sustainable hair care products.

Do you want to make your entire care routine more sustainable Check out all our natural care products.