Natural Body Care Products

The Lekker Company Natural Deodorant from 7,50
Hydrophil Bamboo Toothbrush - Medium from 3,95
Ben & Anna Natural Toothpaste from 6,95
Georganics Natural Toothpaste Temporarily sold out
The Bamboo Brush Society Bamboo Cotton Swabs Temporarily sold out
Patch Bamboo Bandages Temporarily sold out
Redecker Loofah Soap Cushion 4,95
Bambaw Safety Razor Blades Temporarily sold out
Hydrophil Bamboo Cotton Swabs 1,60
Bambaw Metal Safety Razor 21,95
ImseVimse Washable Cotton Pads Temporarily sold out
Georganics Vegan Dental Floss from 5,50
Georganics Mouthwash Tablets from 6,95 9,95
Georganics Natural Toothpaste Tablets Temporarily sold out
Hydrophil Sisal Soap Pouch 6,95
HelemaalShea Sea Buckthorn Facial Soap from 2,90
ImseVimse Wet Bag from 9,95
HelemaalShea Shaving Soap 8,95
ImseVimse Reusable Cloth Wipes Temporarily sold out
Werfzeep Shaving Soap Temporarily sold out
Hydrophil Soap Case Temporarily sold out
Beauty Made Easy Le Papier - Moisturising Lip Balm 5,95
HelemaalShea Sea Salt Body Bar from 2,75
LoofCo Loofah Body 4,50
Chey Haircare Volume Powder Temporarily sold out
HelemaalShea Orange & Olive Scrub Soap from 2,75
HelemaalShea Baby & Kids Soap from 2,75
The Bamboo Brush Society Bamboo Toothbrush Temporarily sold out
Redecker Pumice stone Temporarily sold out
HelemaalShea Natural Deodorant from 9,95
Hydrophil Loofah Soap Cushion 4,95
HelemaalShea Shea Body Butter 10,50
Werfzeep Calendula Soap Temporarily sold out
Georganics Bamboo Toothpaste Spatula 0,90 0,95
Valley Mist Lip Balm - Vegan Temporarily sold out

Why buy natural personal care products?

Natural personal care products and natural cosmetics contain, as the name suggests, only natural ingredients and no harmful substances and chemicals. Natural care products are better for your body and better for the environment.

Conventional personal care products often contain ingredients that are not at all good for you, so why would we want to use them? The personal care products you put on your skin are partially absorbed by your body and enter your bloodstream, and we rather don't want any toxins in our body.

Harmful ingredients in natural care products

Harmful ingredients in personal care products can cause skin irritation, pimples, and hormone imbalances. Which ingredients do you definitely want to avoid?

  • SLS and SLES (cheap ingredients that lather nicely, but damage your skin's natural protective layer)
  • Parabens (preservatives that can be endocrine disruptors)
  • Phthalates (endocrine disrupting and can cause allergies)
  • Mineral oils (believed to be carcinogenic)
  • Alcohol (irritates the skin)
  • Aluminium (associated with cancer)
  • Lead (can damage your nervous system)
  • Silicones (seal the skin, causing it to dry out)
  • Triclosan (associated with reduced fertility)
  • Polyethylene glycol - PEGs (contain serious contaminants such as heavy metals)

Organic care products

Not all sustainable care products are organic care products. In some cases, because the ingredients are not available in an organic version and in other cases because the brand has made the choice itself, because organic ingredients are too expensive, for example. We have indicated for all our products whether they contain organic ingredients or not.

Vegan and cruelty-free products

Natural care products are not automatically vegan & cruelty-free, but all care products at Zo Zero are.

Which natural cosmetics brands will you find at Zo Zero?

Natural skincare

At Zo Zero you will find natural skincare products like natural facial creams, natural face masks and natural lip balms by UpCircle, HelemaalShea, Flawless, Valley Mist and LO, amongst others.

Natural body care

At Zo Zero you will find natural body care products like plant-based soaps, natural deodorant and nourishing body creams by Zero Waste Path, The Lekker Company, Bambaw, Nature Bar and Werfzeep, amongst others.

Natural hair care

At Zo Zero you will find natural hair care products like solid shampoo bars, solid conditioner bars and natural hair styling products by Chey Haircare, The Natural Barber Co. and Redecker, amongst others.

Natural oral care

At Zo Zero you will find natural oral care products like plastic-free toothpaste, mouthwash tablets and bamboo toothbrushes by Georganics, Ben & Anna and Hydrophil, amongst others.

Natural menstrual care

At Zo Zero you will find natural menstrual care like reusable menstrual cups, reusable panty liners and period underwear by ImseVimse, &SISTERS and Ruby Cup.

What are the benefits of natural beauty products?

  • Natural cosmetics are less likely to cause skin irritations and allergies
  • Because natural care products contain no harmful ingredients, there is more room for active ingredients
  • Because there are more active ingredients in the products, you need less of the product which is ultimately cheaper
  • Natural care products are better for the environment
  • The natural care products at Zo Zero are vegan and cruelty-free

What natural personal care products won't you find at Zo Zero?

Because it is very important to Zo Zero that products are plastic-free, we do not sell natural care products by Naïf and other brands that pack their natural care products in (bio)plastic. Naïf is a great brand and sells products without harmful ingredients and Naïf is a B Corp, but Naïf's products are packaged in bioplastic. We are no fans of bioplastic for products for which an alternative exists, because bioplastic in nature last almost as long as conventional plastic. Therefore, we have chosen not to sell products packaged in bioplastic, such as Naïf's.