Sustainable Laundry

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Care by Nature Natural Stain Remover 9,95
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Why sustainable laundry?

Sustainable laundry detergent makes your washing chore easier, healthier, more economical, and much kinder to our planet! Sustainable laundry is liquid-free without any plastic packaging, significantly reducing the carbon footprint. The list of benefits continue, as sustainable laundry detergent is also vegan, cruelty-free and biodegradable. Still not convinced to switch to a sustainable detergent? Then keep reading!

Sustainable laundry detergent an environmentally friendly alternative

The ingredients listed on the packaging are often difficult to understand. Not surprisingly, most of us have no idea what laundry detergent is actually made of. Normal laundry detergents often contain chemical ingredients that are not so friendly to people or the environment, such as parabens, phosphate, bleach, sulfates (such as SLS) and added dyes. And did you know that ordinary detergent foams so nicely because of animal fat? That doesn’t sound great! Fortunately, there are also plenty of plant-based alternatives available, like the Tru Earth and LIV+LINN laundry strips.

What different types of sustainable laundry detergent are there?

At Zo Zero, you can find the eco-friendly laundry strips from Tur Earth and LIV+LINN. LIV+LINN is the Dutch sister of Tru Earth. The laundry strips are exactly the same as the Tru Earth strips, but in a different packaging and cheaper!

We also have natural and plastic-free laundry detergent from Planet Detox that effectively removes dirt and odours and is gentle to your skin and clothes!

All eco-friendly laundry detergents at Zo Zero are plant-based, cruelty-free, biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals. They can be used for both machine and hand washes. The packaging is made from cardboard.

How do the laundry strips work?

No more messing around with liquid laundry detergent! The ultra-concentrated laundry strips are small, pre-measured strips of detergent that contain eco-friendly cleaning power. Place a laundry strip in the detergent dispenser or put the strip in the washing machine itself. You use 1 strip for 1 load. Use half a strip for a small load and if your load is extra-large or extra soiled you may want to use 2 strips or the Platinum Laundry Strips that are formulated to clean the dirtiest laundry. Doing the laundry has never been this easy!

What are the advantages of sustainable laundry detergent?

  • You create less waste!
  • The pre-measured strips make it easier and more economical to do your laundry
  • You don’t have to worry about chemical substances and your health
  • You can enjoy a tidy house, without big plastic bottles that take up a lot of space
  • You do your bit for a better environment

What kind of sustainable laundry detergent will you not find at Zo Zero?

Soap nuts used to be one of our eco-friendly alternatives to conventional detergents but we decided to stop offering them. At Zo Zero, we always try to offer the best products and we have found sustainable alternatives with a better cleaning power.

We have also deliberately chosen not to add the sustainable brands Marcel's Green Soap, Seepje, Ecover, Sodasan and Mulieres to our range, the main reason being that we do not want to sell sustainable laundry detergent in large plastic bottles. Although Marcel's Green Soap, Seepje, Ecover, Sodasan and Mulieres are great brands, we want to help you avoid plastic and reduce waste by offering the best options available.

You may be asking yourself, couldn’t I simply buy normal laundry detergent in powder form? You can, but in that case, don't forget to take a good look at the ingredients. As discussed earlier, regular laundry detergents, including powders, can contain harmful substances and animal ingredients and are not always cruelty-free.

Finally, you may have noticed that we do not offer any fabric softeners. Fabric softeners are polluting and most of it washes away with the wastewater anyway. Fabric softeners are often used to make your clothes feel softer and smell good. But if you love your wonderfully scented laundry, simply add a few drops of the laundry tonics to your laundry!

The full range at Zo Zero

Do you need more than just laundry detergent to remove stubborn stains? Then use the natural and plastic-free stain remover from Care by Nature.

There’s one important topic that we haven’t gotten around to yet. Plastic microfibers break off synthetic textiles during washing and make their way into the environment. You can easily solve this by using the Guppyfriend laundry bag, which helps to filter microfibers.

Want to make the rest of your cleaning routine more sustainable too? Zo Zero has everything you need to clean your home sustainably! Dishwashing brushes, sponges and wipes, cleaning soap, you name it!

Also read our 'Our tips for an eco-friendly Spring cleaning' for more inspiration on how to make your cleaning routine more sustainable!