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Guppyfriend Washing Bag

  • With each wash, countless microfibres from synthetic textiles make their way from washing machines into rivers and oceans. Once in the environment, the microfibres concentrate pervasive bacteria and pollutants. The Guppyfriend laundry bag helps to filter microfibers and prevents fiber shedding when washing synthetic textiles. The self-cleaning fabric bag is made of a specially designed micro-filter material. Collect the fibers and dispose of them in the residual waste.

    Due to the smooth surface and structure of the Guppyfriend material, fewer microfibres break off during washing. Apart from the zip, the Guppyfriend Washing Bag is made entirely of polyester The material is untreated, undyed and contains no additives.

    Now you’re probably thinking: polyster, isn’t that plastic? That's right, but the fabric is made of monofilaments. A monofilament consists of only one endless thread that is more like a stable stick in its structure than many loose threads and monofilaments do not lose any fibres themselves. The laundry bags were extensively tested and this was the only material that met all criteria. Recycled material cannot (yet) be used for high-tech fabrics like the material of the Guppyfriend Washing Bags. The entire bag - except for the zipper - is made from one material, especially designed to be completely recyclable.

    How to use
    Fill the bag to a maximum of 2/3 with synthetic and/or delicate fabrics, the textiles need space to move inside the bag. Remove coarse dirt and animal hair before washing. Wash your clothes according to the instructions, using only similar colours and at a maximum of 40 °C with liquid detergent (washing powder can damage the bag). It is important to add other (non-synthetic) garments or a second filled Guppyfriend to avoid imbalance of the washing machine.

    Take wet clothes out of the bag and remove the released microfibres from the upper corners of the bag and dispose of them in the residual waste. It is best to collect and dispose of the collected fibres in a closed container so that the small and very light synthetic fibres are not blown away during waste collection and end up in the environment.

    The following textiles contain synthetic materials and belong in the Guppyfriend: polyester, nylon, spandex and acrylic.

    STOP! Micro Waste
    The profits from the sale of the Guppyfriend are invested in projects that help solve the single-use plastic problem. Guppyfriend doesn’t just want people to use the Guppyfriend Washing Bag, they also want to inform about the problem and solutions. The entire profit goes to the non-profit organization STOP! Micro Waste. They established the STOP! Plastic Academy where school kids teach other school kids on how to avoid plastics and initiate local solutions to reduce, eliminate or recycle single-use plastics.

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Langbrett is a group of surfers and nature lovers who produce sustainable products – without compromises and under fair conditions. They spend their time on the surfboard, in a camping bus, tent or under the open sky. They need waves, forests and wilderness to survive. They like the simplicity of being outside and they want to protect nature, where they spend the best time of the year.

They produce clothes and shoes from raw materials that are cultivated and processed in a sustainable way. A resource-conserving production, fair salaries and a friendly working environment are important for Langbrett. They refrain from using additives that are harmful to the environment, use offcuts and production residues and think that animal welfare is the most important good. Langbrett products are designed in such a way that they can be returned to the cycle.

Langbrett opened its first shop with the vision of producing things that align with their convictions: shoes produced in a closed loop, sweaters made of organic cotton, t-shirts without chemical additives, and handmade longboards made of wood from regional forests. In short: design that stays up to date, clothes that can be worn for many years, and products that do not harm other people or the environment.

Langbrett's solution for our consumer society is: buy less, but better.

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