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Why reusable straws?

As of July 2021, the European Union has placed a ban on plastic straws. This is great news, as this will significantly reduce the amount of plastic litter and waste. After all, these plastic straws often end up in the oceans and despite their small size they cause a lot of damage. Thankfully, those days are over and we can now choose an environmentally friendly alternative.

You can always choose to refuse all straws, but for those who would like to enjoy their favourite drink with a straw, we have reusable straws!

Reusable straws are an eco-friendly alternative

Reusable straws can be washed after use, don't have to be thrown away after every drink, and won't contribute to the ever-growing mountain of waste.

As far as we are concerned, the best reusable straws are stainless steel straws and bamboo straws. The metal stainless steel straws are rock solid and you basically never need to replace them. If for some reason, you do want to throw them away, they can easily be recycled. The bamboo straws are made of bamboo, a fast growing plant that does not need extra water or pesticides to grow. It is a strong material and is biodegradable.

How do reusable straws work?

If you want to purchase reusable straws, it is important that you first consider what you want to use them for. This is because reusable straws come in different shapes and sizes. For example, there are wider reusable straws specifically for smoothies and milkshakes, short straws for pretty cocktail glasses, and long straws that fit perfectly in a water bottle. You can store your reusable straw and cleaning brush in a beautiful cork case for on the go.

Take care of your reusable straws by rinsing and cleaning them with a straw cleaning brush after use. The stainless steel straws are even dishwasher safe, it doesn’t get easier than that!

What different reusable straws are there?

Nowadays, there are many eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws, like reusable straws made of bamboo, stainless steel, glass or silicone.

At Zo Zero you will find stainless steel straws from A Slice of Green and bamboo straws from Bambu. The stainless steel straws are available in all shapes and sizes, suitable for every drink: long, short and smoothie. We also have long and short bamboo straws. The bamboo straws can differ in shape, size, colour and marking, meaning each straw is unique! Would you prefer your bamboo straws to be identical? No worries, we have those too!

What are the benefits of reusable straws?

  • You create less waste!
  • In the long run, you will save money because you will never have to buy disposable straws again
  • You can enjoy delicious cocktails and smoothies in style
  • You do your bit for a better environment

What reusable straws won't you find at Zo Zero?

Nowadays you can buy reusable straws everywhere, even at Action or on Alibaba. Perhaps these straws are a lot cheaper, but the differences in durability and quality are great. At Zo Zero, we work with suppliers that prioritise sustainability in their business operations and production process. When you go for quality and sustainability, it is ultimately a good investment for yourself and for the environment.

Besides reusable straws, there are many other alternatives available. Just to name a few, there are paper, straw, pasta and edible straws. These are especially good options for bars and restaurants (or if you're throwing a big party at home), for whom reusable straws might be a little less practical.

The complete range at Zo Zero

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