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Reusable Glass Coffee Cup

Colour: Happy Camper (Green)
  • These reusable coffee cups from Neon Kactus are completely plastic-free. Neon Kactus cups have a thermal cover with a unique texture and an ergonomically designed splash-proof lid to enjoy your coffee anywhere. The coffee cups fit under almost any coffee machine. Give your mug to the barista and enjoy your coffee on the go, in style.

    Neon Kactus is committed to reducing the use of non-reusable products, plastics and all other unsustainable materials to protect our planet and create a better future.

    The cups are made of high-quality, durable materials that are made to last. Made from glass, the reusable cups are much less permeable than plastic, which means they won't absorb flavours, odours or germs. The cups are made from high quality borosilicate glass with durable and heat resistant properties. The lid is made of soft silicone and fits snugly on the glass cup to prevent any leakage. The lids are designed for easy drinking on the go and are completely splash proof.